So, this week we managed to win free tickets to Goodwood FoS from Mazda (mil gracias Mazda!). All of us we’re really exited about going on Friday as we hadn’t been to FoS since 2010. Also, Mad Mike and some other drifters like James Deane and Vaughn Gittin Jr were there too…

The FoS was great, it had an awesome atmosphere and I really loved how there was such a vast amount of different types of vehicles, from Drift cars to Norwegian rock crawlers, and 1900 era racing pioneers to Formula-E 100% electric race cars.

I was super stoked to meet Mad Mike and see BADBUL in the flesh. Awesome!

Images/Video: Hal Rumney Hunt, first and last pic courtesy of Goodwood FoS.

Mad Mike Takes Lord March For A Wild Goodwood Ride