Starting Out 

The day started with a morning briefing about what we were going to do today, marshals and staff explained the layout of the track and then gave a short talk to the new members (I was one of the people in this group), explaining how we’d start the morning learning the basics of driving a manual car. Clutch control, steering, changing gear and throttle control were the main subjects that were going to be focused on.

Under 17 Car Club Crowd Gathering For Morning Brief and Talk


 Getting Started 

So, we drove up to the small practise oval and began our morning driving session. At first, David was the person teaching me about the car and the basics of driving. I learnt about basic driving relatively quickly with the help from David, it was really fun. Soon after my brief introduction with David though, an instructor came to help further my learning and take me to the next level in driving…


The rest of the morning was spent driving on the bigger, 8 mile long oval with Simon, the instructor. This road was setup to feel like you were driving in the countryside, it was designed really well to, junctions and roundabouts added to the realism it was trying to produce.
Then, after about an hour or so we drove back to the main parking area to get my grade 5 certificate (proof I completed all the necessary tasks to achieve the grade). I was really happy with my progress that morning as I felt I had learnt a lot about driving in an engaging and fun way, even though it was a bit nerve racking and stressful at times, it was great morning.

 In Conclusion 

The day at Bovington was amazing overall, I really loved the driving and the people here are really supportive and passionate about the club too. I honestly can’t recommend a better place to learn to drive as an 11-16 year old. Expect another blog coming about next weeks meetup at Castle Coombe, it should be great.
Until next time friends…

More about the club here
hotos taken by: Theo Rumney Hunt, Hal Rumney Hunt and Michelle Rumney