My Review

Hi everyone, great to be posting again. This week we went to the “Matchams Jap Night” run by Dan Moth (check out his photography group too). This grassroots event had lots of different stuff going on, there was a Jap themed car show (The Main Event), drifting, and banger racing too! It had a great vibe and all the people we’re really friendly.

I managed to take some photos and video in the midst of all the action. Matchams is great for it as there are lot’s of run down bit’s, tall forests and of course, nice cars! Surprisingly, over 100 show cars turned up for the meet, there was lot’s of variety in the show too. There was Scoobies and Lancers, Silvias and Skylines, RX-7s/8s and the list goes on…

I really liked the event overall. Drifting, car meets and nice people make a great mix, and this event set that theory in stone for me…


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