Hey, I’m back again! A lot of stuff went down this week with the project and everything in between – Redlining Masumi, going Go-Karting and watching BDC R3! It’s crazy what’s gone on in one short week! And school’s out for me, which is Great! I’ll have a lot more time for the car now!

Running in the Rotary

At the end of the last day of school, as an end of school treat, we went to the Purbecks in the RX-8! It was great to take Masumi for a long drive to make sure it was reliable on a trip. The car ran great and no issues were found!

We also ran the RX-8 through it’s paces! It was the first time we had done so on the road, and it ran amazing for its first time out after getting it running again. I’m in the process of making a short video on the drive that day, hopefully it will be added soon (includes getting smoked by a TVR!).


We went Go-Karting at Eastleigh this week for a bit of a laugh, and a for some good driving practice! It was really fun overall. For one thing, Theo (meh bruv), got his first session in an adult kart! These karts are much faster than the Bambino karts and could reach a top speed of around 40 MPH! Not only that, but he came second as well – a true natural! The track was short but you could get a great racing experience and adrenaline rush with the sharp turns and fast straights! Karting is great for vehicle control, practicing driving lines – and being under pressure and high speeds!