In our recent journey to Murdoch’s Rotary Spares, we met up with Luke (the owner of Murdoch’s Rotary Spares) for a compression test and general consensus on Masumi and her future.

So, first we took the trip up to Guildford (where Luke’s garage is situated), it was a long but smooth drive with no issues.

Once we got to Murdoch’s Rotary Spares, Luke had a quick look around the engine and then proceeded to do the compression test. The results were unexpected to say the least.

Rotor 1 had a very low compression (4.2/4.9/4.5), burning hardly any fuel and letting the rest go out the exhaust. Rotor 2 on the other hand had NO compression whatsoever, so ALL fuel was being chucked straight back out of this chamber. This explains the worse than usual fuel economy and sluggish performance we were experiencing.

Then we had a chat about what was next in our project with Luke. We eventually settled on making the next step to replace the engine with a donor engine with a high compression.

So, lot’s of work is about to be put into Masumi to get her race ready. We’ll see what unfolds in the New Year, so until then, stay safe and enjoy the last of 2016.

Bye for now. 😉

Here’s the link to Luke’s Facebook Page // Murdoch’s Rotary Spares.