First of all, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting for the last two weeks. There just wasn’t enough to write about as the car was being MOT’d and the only “drifty” thing that went on for me was BDC R2 (which was spectacular by the way!). But anyway, let’s get on with the news about the festival of speed and an update on the drift project!

Goodwood Festival of Speed

So, this week we managed to win free tickets to Goodwood FoS from Mazda (mil gracias Mazda!). All of us we’re really exited about going on Friday as we hadn’t been to FoS since 2010. Also, Mad Mike and some other drifters like James Deane and Vaughn Gittin Jr were there too…

The FoS was great, it had an awesome atmosphere and I really loved how there was such a vast amount of different types of vehicles, from Drift cars to Norwegian rock crawlers, and 1900 era racing pioneers to Formula-E 100% electric race cars.

Mad Mike Takes Lord March For A Wild Goodwood Ride

Masumi is road legal 😀


Yes, the first major goal has been achieved! The RX-8 is finally road legal. I was sooo happy when the car passed the MOT with flying colours, it was really good that we found a rotary enthusiast to do it as well who was really passionate about RX-8’s.

Today we’re going to take the rex out for a long drive on a full tank of V-Power and four healthy doses of Redex to see if we can get some carbon out!

The next thing on the to do list for the RX-8 is to fit the Hydrogen kit. Hopefully we can install in less than a months time, but i guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Bye for now… 😉

Bonus Clip: Mad Mike – Badbul sideways drive by…