This will not be a blog type of post, more like captains logbook if you will! Anyway, now that I’ve got the RX-8, I’ll be making a log every Sunday about what has happened to the car in that week…

♦ Tuesday: Car arrives by trailer

♦  Tuesday:  Valet and thorough clean of car

♦ Friday: Air filter, Battery and Coils arrive

♦ Saturday: General check of engine, Intake hose elbow broken (brittle), Intake  (rubber accordion) cracked, Air Filter dirty, 2 coils in bad condition (arc spot), new Battery installed and rust found in boot.






♦ Sunday: Grime scraped off wheels, boot de-rusted and dried, jack & tow-hooks de-rusted, whole car cleaned of mulch (from sitting still) and boot vacuumed.